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Development of Skills and Teachers Training for Leadership


Duration period: 15/12/2019-14/12/2022


The project intends to develop and modernize formal and informal education curriculum in professional development and training of teachers in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Russia with the aim of empowering target groups with the deficient competences in the field of leadership. The project’s outcomes include a multidisciplinary module program for 2nd cycle of formal education which combines pedagogical, sociological, psychological, law, economics, and management elements and professional development program “Teachers as Leaders”.

Both programs will make the process of training and professional development of teachers for leadership more effective, aimed at maximizing the interaction of educators in a community, at making their behavior in a professional environment innovative. One more project outcome is the creation of the Education Centre for Leadership serving as a platform for the design, development, and promotion of socially significant ideas of the local community, a model for the interaction and e-networking of active representatives of the local community.

1. Developing multidisciplinary module program for training teachers in the formal system of education (Master degree level)


2. Developing programs for the professional development of teachers for leadership in integrated formal and informal educational formats

3. Establishing Education Centers for Leadership as platforms for the design, development, and promotion of socially significant ideas of the local community, for networking of educators with the local community in partner countries.

Specific Objectives
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