16 January 2020, 9.00 am (Italy time)

Via Skype




9.00 Welcome by UNICAS Rector  Prof. Giovanni Betta, coordinator

9.10 DESTT project by proff Natalya Shaydorova and Prof. Michail Pevzner

9.30 The contract by Prof. Alessandro Figus 

9.40 the kick off Meeting in Cassino by Prof Alessandro Figus and Prof. Giovanni Betta

9.50 Question time

10.10 Conclusion

Kick-off Meeting

Cassino, Italy     4-8 February 2020

At the beginning of February 2020, our partners met in Italy at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, the grant holder of the project, to lay the basis of the development of the project and start the work.


The project partners together in Cassino

DESTT 2° MEETING Programme

Via Skype

27 March 2020 9.00 am Italy time




9.00 Welcome and news by UNICAS Rector  Prof. Giovanni Betta, coordinator

9.15 DESTT news and update by Prof. Alessandro Figus 

9.30 The partner agreement by prof. Diana Spulber and Prof. Giovanni Betta

9.50 Question time

10.20 Communication about the payments of Kick off meeting mobility by Barbara Sbardella

10.30 Conclusion






Prof. Shaydorova briefly introduced the DESTT project to the attendees, and explained the dynamics relating to the construction of the web. It will be important to have a new domain and have it for at least 5 years.


Prof. Figus introduce the idea to have social page for example in facebook. DESTT page facebook will need to update, it will be important for the dissemination activity.

Prof. Kurmashev propose to take in charge as DESTT IT at North Kazakhstan University the activity of DESTT facebook page.

ON LINE MEETING 6th May 2020

Meeting Agenda 

 Welcome by UNICAS Rector  Prof. Giovanni Betta, coordinator

 Info about NEO Russia, by Prof. Giovanni Betta and Prof. Shaydarova
 Info about NEO Kazakhstan, by Prof. Alessandro Figus
 DESTT project update by Proff. Betta, Alessandro Figus, Natalia Shaydarova
 THE DeSTT QA system and the partner involvement, the role of the EU partner
 First question time
 info and news about the Virtual Workshop “The most important start up questions about Concepts and Models of Training Teachers for Leadership” 4 June (webinar)
(Proff. Betta, Figus, Spulber, Pevzner)
 news about Website/facebook (Prof. Shaydarova and Prof. Figus, NKSU Team, Vadim/Dmitriy)
 administrative situation (Prof. Spulber and Dr. Sbardella)
 various/Final questions time

 Conclusion

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virtula tour.png

24th September - Kazkhstan

29th September - Mongolia

30th September - Russia


Virtual Tour at North Kazakhstan State University . Kazakhstan 

24th September h. 14.30

14th and 15th October is starting the process to pachase the equipment for the several Centres.


meeting report

21_05 online meeting  DeSTT Project_page

6th May 2021

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21_05 online meeting  DeSTT Project_page
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