Work Packages

WP 1 Creating the network on the international level

    1.1. Organizational support for networking

    1.2. Project website

WP 2 Establishing Education Centre for Leadership 

    2.1. Education Centre for Leadership

WP 3 Development of Multidisciplinary Module Cluster for            Teacher Training curriculum of 2nd cycle

    3.1. Competence-oriented concept of training teachers               for leadership

    3.2. Module Cluster for the 2nd cycle of higher                           education

    3.3. Enriched staff competences

WP 4 Professional Development Program “Teachers as                  Leaders”

    4.1. Monitoring study among customers of educational                services

    4.2. Pilot program for the professional development of                "Teachers as leaders"

     4.3. Bank of case studies

     4.4. Developed staff competences

WP 5 Quality Assurance and Control of Project Results

     5.1. High Quality of Project Management

     5.2. Evaluation reports

     5.3. Audit reports

WP 6 Dissemination of project results

     6.1. Visibility of the project

     6.2. Knowledge and know-how transfer

     6.3. Publications on the project ideas, results

WP 7 Sustainability

     7.1. Training of multiplication

     7.2. International out-put oriented e-tutorials

WP 8 Project Management

     8.1. Effective decision-making

     8.2. Effective strategic management

     8.3. Effective operations level project management

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